• Do you have a veggie option?

    Yeap…but we don’t like it, we would prefer if they ate Beef or Lobster!

  • Do you take reservations?

    Yeap…your call book online or give our team a call!

  • Is it true Chef Oliver Dunne is the first human ever to cultivate cow hair for his future hair transplant?

    Yes it is and it will be gorgeous. 

  • Where do your lobsters come from?

    All over the place, mainly Irish but sometimes we buy Canadian to guarantee supply. 

  • Do you cater for kids?

    Burgers baby, burgers!

  • Why can't I find a menu online?

  • Is it true your beef comes from super models?

    No way, we use the fattest most flavoursome grass fed Irish beef.  No skinny cows served here!